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Gro Lawn proudly serves Southlake homeowners and businesses

Lawncare & Weed Control
Experts in Southlake!

If you've looking for a local lawn care and weed-control company AND a lawn that won't take lots of your time-- a healthy lawn free of weeds, you've come to the right place, the place for great looking lawns.

Gro Lawn has been providing Southlake TX, quality lawn care services and weed control through our custom designed lawn care service for a long time. We've personally tested the soils where homeowners grow their grass and developed an exclusive fertilizer blend to match Southlake's turfgrass growing conditions. Contact us today to start receiving your affordable lawn care service.

Thank you Southlake for giving Gro Lawn and our family of licensed lawncare professionals the opportunity of serving you. We appreciate that opportunity and look forward to provide you quality lawn care services that other homeowners in your neighborhood appreciate.

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Serving Southlake Texas


Gro Lawn is a privately owned company serving many North Texas communities. That means we're a local lawncare provider... serving communities like Southlake. That means you'll likely have the same lawn technician treating your lawn on each visit and our lawn technician can take a proactive approach to your lawn since he knows what has already been done -- better communications, better service and a better looking Southlake lawn!

Healthy lawn care services for Southlake homeowners

Professional Southlake Lawn Service, Professional Results

All of our regular lawn care programs receive free service calls. If there are any questions regarding your lawn, give us a call and we will come by at NO CHARGE to check on your lawn!

Gro Lawn's home office is located at:

9729 South Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76140

Telephone: 817-447-7711

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